About Us

About Us

Rethink Investment is for the youth by the youth.

Rethink investment is an organisation which aim at bridging the gap between youth and the financial investment sector.


Our Mission

To close the financial investment gap that exist among tertiary students in Ghana and neighbouring African countries.

Our Vision

To serve as a bedrock for tertiary student investment in Ghana and beyond.

Our Core Values

Reliability in financial investment
Rethink Investment Limited is a newly registered non-profit making organization that has a major focus of developing the youth into making sound investment decisions in the near future.

What We Do

We exist to provide financial training and guidance to individuals especially the youth in Ghana and beyond. This is done through the organization of symposiums, seminars, and training sessions at vantage locations to bring together our target group and the professionals to make an impact.

Target Group

Talking about the youth as our target group, third cycle institutions mostly; nursing training students, technical students and degree achieving students are our major ideal.

Means Of Accomplishment

We believe that the transfer of financial knowledge from the professionals to the youth is the key decision that we ought to take in nurturing a new class of future investors. 

In achieving that, we hope to reach all target institution in Ghana starting from Accra where we are located.

Underlying Principles

As an organization who seek to provide financial literacy services, our core value is to provide relevant and accurate services to meet the understanding of the both the professionals and the third party (Youth).

Problem Statement

From research, it is evident how lack of financial literacy is affecting the financial decisions of the youth of this generation. This is a result of lack of financial information. Financial workshops, symposiums and seminars are seldom organized to boost the financial knowledge of today’s youth.

The Team

Meet Our Team

John Ofori


Thywill Dotse


Ansong A. Alex

head of research and project manager

Franklin Nyanzu

Project assistance

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